Tour part 3: Sandwiches

John and Anja“Give me another one, John, and a glass of milk”. Behind the narrow counter John reaches for a small metal plate, slices some bacon, leans over his wife and puts the meat on the plate in a small oven in the corner. ‘t Kuyltje is a much-praised sandwich shop in the district De Jordaan in Amsterdam, that we had to check out.



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Stoke evening

Stookavond 1And suddenly there was another series of stoke evenings. At a secret location proud owners of Harrie Leenders fireplaces gather to exchange mysterious knowledge about the art of fire. This selected group of fire druids, led by Bart the Burner dives into the occult secrets of stovestarting and winedrinking. Continue reading

Tour part 1 : The Village

Lennaert & Angelo

Together with Bart I selected a variety of stores, expositions and businesses in order to gain inspiration and a lot of new ideas on being an innovative business in this time of age. The places we visited all inspired us because of their visions and products, each in a different way. All of them operate in a completely different field, but they all have something in common. What this something is? That’s what we will be exploring in this upcoming series of blog posts.

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